Jumat, 20 Agustus 2010


1. first fo lla,you need to wgro some plants from dees or buy young plants.
Wearing a pair of sveolg,dig over your chosen ctpah of earth with a trowel.

2. etxn,break up any large dsclo of earth with a trowel.won start to take over the pot of your plot so that the earth is evenly spread and crumbly.

3. teafr hatt,dig several small slohe for you plants with the trowel.hten,place the plants in the holes and sspre the earth wodn firmly with gloved hands around the sbae of each plant.

4. inlylifa,water your plants well.they will need to be watered regularly.it would be tetber to twaer your plants at kuds.

5. dcorer with butterflies you can see visiting your beautiful flowers?

Wich is the most popular plant?

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